Freedom of Religion

Topics: Engel v. Vitale, Christianity, Separation of church and state Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 30, 2013
The Bill of Rights is a very important document that contains many valuable freedoms that are the foundation of American society. One of the most important freedoms available and that I could not live without is the freedom of religion. No one really wants a government that tells them what it is they should think, what are the correct ways to think, and then punishes you if you don’t. Throughout history many people have left their homelands due to persecution they have faced for believing in what they feel is right. Some have even paid the ultimate price with their lives. According to Paul Marshall, a Canadian scholar and author of an polemical book on the persecution of Christians, Their Blood Cries Out. In Sudan, Christians are enslaved.” Marshall says. “In Iran, they are assassinated. In China, they are beaten to death.” Many people look up to their religion as being their main guidance through life. A person “Freedom of Religion” is seen to them as their one freedom to live life with their religion choice and our nation founders were conscious of that. I believe it was up to that persons will to choose to live life the way they chose their religion. The only time a state should really come between such a freedom, would be when religion is taking advantage of another precious life. Throughout history religious differences had violent conflicts between Christians and Muslims, Catholics and Protestants led to the deaths of millions of Jews in the Holocaust. We don’t want events like the holocaust to be repeated in the future for this reason “freedom of religion” should be protected.(Jost,k) Therefore, the state should keep their limits from a person and their religion because religion to one is a significant part of people’s lives and in finding who they are which should definitely be respected. The First Amendment's when it focus in religion it reflect the concern of our nation's founders who, were very conscious of the problems which arose...
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