Freedom from Demonic Caterers

Topics: Holy Spirit, Jesus, Christianity Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: June 18, 2012
i. Introduction & Message Part One.
iii. Message Part Two.

a. Introduction: I welcome you all listeners and bring special greetings to you, in the name of the Lord Jesus, My name is Tunji Adepoju; The Senior Pastor of Thunderingvoice Apostolic Ministry, worldwide. We shall be looking at the second in a 13 week series packaged by the Holy Spirit for your total freedom titled: FREEDOM FROM DREAM TERRORISTS. Today we shall receive FREEDOM FROM EVIL DREAM CATERERS ; through the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit; your total freedom is guaranteed in the name of Jesus.

❖ In Mathew 13:25 Jesus Christ declared that while men slept, the enemy sow tares among the wheat and went his way; ❖ Like development, the ability of man to understand, explore and exploit the dream life is a non-negotiable requirement for destiny excellence and fulfillment in the market of life. ❖ A dream is an opening into the spirit world through the sleep life of a man. ❖ A dream is either from God, man or the devil.

❖ There is a power relationship between the dreamlife and the destiny of a man. ❖ Good seed or wheat and bad seed or tares could be sown into the life of a man through dreams. ❖ Good seed will bring about success, abundance and life, while evil seeds will manifest as losses, trouble and torment. ❖ Behind every negative dream is a a dream terrorist who harasses people without ceasing. ❖ The good news is through the name of Jesus; you can cancel and uproot all negative dreams and pray your good dreams into manifestation.

WHAT ARE DREAMS OF POVERTY? ❖ The se group of tares that the enemy sows into the life of man through dreams to terrorise and harass him is “TARE OF EVIL FOODS” ❖ Evil feeding is when the enemy is busy feeding you with poison in the dream. ❖ Evil feeding is when the enemy is preparing food...
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