Freedom: Between Myth and Reality

Topics: Want, Need, English-language films Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: November 12, 2006
Sometimes they call for it because it is worth cries. Sometimes they fight for it because it is worth pains. Sometimes they die for it because simply it is life. When you ask them about what they are longing for they simply say "freedom". However, the term is controversial because freedom is not something that can talk and walk. You can not lay it to physical measures. Sometimes defining freedom depends on the age when it is sough. Sometimes it depends on the conception of the seeker or even needs. As any abstract value freedom seemed to be lost between truth and fantasy and still. When the term is treated as a relative idea, you are the one who will be lost. Thos who suffer from lack of democracy will cry out saying "the well to speak without a penalty in return". Those who are under age tied to the orders of their parents will say "the well to act without control". Others will say "the well to buy the things we need" and of course you know who these are. Out of all these conceptions and others you may say that freedom is the well to think, speak and act the time you want, the place you want, the way you want. But don't be deceived with things that might appear because we will not find every thing we seek especially when they cross the lines heading towards the perfect world. And there is only one place where you can find this perfect world with the idea of freedom as such. It is beneath classic Greek lines that are written down on rough pale sheets front and back and rolled altogether within a hard cover where lie some letters that are best pronounced as "Republica". Yes, I mean Plato's "The Republic" where he calls for a perfect world created in an anarchic society. The very ultimate idea of freedom displayed through the previous lines exists in a book. It is also funny to know that a perfect world can not be a real one. How can every one get every thing he seeks in the time, the place and the way he wants? Maybe one can; maybe some, but the ‘every one' idea...
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