freedom and responsibility- by J.O.B

Topics: Meaning of life, Nuclear weapon, Existentialism Pages: 5 (1116 words) Published: September 22, 2014
We as human being we have different thoughts of meaning of the freedom. There are a group of people which think that freedom is about doing whatever they want, and the other group which think that freedom is not to be guided with their way of think or the way they should talk. Now days we can see that almost all people in the society looking for the absolute freedom without understanding what is the concept actually means, for example we can see every day that there are people who are in harry and they want to reach their work or meeting and, so they start crossing and overtaking other cars or even breaking the law by crossing the traffic lights and ignoring the streets signs in order to reach on time. Freedom is more than doing whatever we want or speaking in lurid voice saying whatever we want but it’s reaching to the point of satisfaction. This paper, will try to assess the synthesis of group two, “applying Jean Paul Sartre’s freedom and responsibility on nuclear weapons”. In the synthesis, they made mention that nuclear weapons as a form of expressing freedom, freedom to scientific discovery and to attain political power. And for them Jean Paul Sartre’s view of freedom and responsibility as a guide to proper use of nuclear weapons. Though the group failed to give us the dangerous part of the nuclear weapons. The paper will bring to light the meaning of freedom and to what extend the freedom supposed to be used. Freedom is to express the feeling of any human beings in the way that they like and the way they feel comfortable with. It is a common belief that the true essence of being human is the right to exercise one’s freedom. The ability of being able to choose enables one to define himself how he or she sees fit; it allows for each person to have their own individuality. To live a normal life without any limitations that can guide or force to do something, which would not affect or harm anything else is also defined as freedom. but freedom have limitations when it comes to the other human beings right, in this cause we have to reconsider the meaning of the freedom and absolute freedom in order to differentiate between those concepts, as freedom might not across the human rights for example when a person express his feeling toward some one thing that faced him/her. So we can say that also freedom rely on the moral responsibility too, which everyone in our society should consider this responsibility. Nuclear weapon as defined by the group, is weapons deriving its energy from nuclear reactions. And these weapons have enormous destructive potential and are possessed by a handful of nations. Nuclear weapons today present a tremendous danger, and are considered as one of the best negotiation tools available in the international political circuit. And nobody wants to argue with someone who holds the power of destruction. Actually could you say that, Jean Paul Sartre’s theory of freedom and responsibility could be applied to this weapons which are very dangerous and treat to human existence? Could we say that everybody has freedom so he or she could practice anything he want on this earth?

In my opinion, the group used the theory to apply to wrong concept. Freedom does not mean license to do whatever because we do not have absolute freedom in this world, but freedom is the wisdom to choose what is right for oneself I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind at devastating times. Words such as these have been valued dearly over the ages, but what they truly signify, we all have forgotten here’s how we interpret freedom today. Freedom is our tool. It’s a key we use to get what we want. It’s come to be a term, rather a label to tell people what we want and the idea seems revolting.

We as human beings have been given free will by God. Although if we make choices based on our own free will we must be...
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