Freedom and Responsibility

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With freedom comes great responsibility. This saying has been heard by generations of kids and has been said by generations of parents. Unfortunately people today don't seem to be responsible in certain things they do. You see things in media today that make you wonder when you draw the line on things you say and do. William Golding the author of Lord of The Flies conveys this thought in the story of the boys stuck on the island where they have complete freedom to do whatever they want to do. They no longer had adults to tell them what and how to do things. The story just proves that when people are irresponsible and freedom gets abused that very bad things can happen.

We as human beings have been given free will by God. Although if me make choices based on our own free will we must be willing to take the responsibility for the effects that our decisions have on ourselves, on the people around us, and on society itself. Freedom, I believe, is the way in which people live or behave without others annoying or interfering in his or her affairs. People should benefit from freedom, equality and justice. Absolute freedom is sometimes very dangerous and may destroy the basic principles of the society

A lot of people believe that freedom means doing whatever you want, whenever you want. This is a dangerous belief because your freedom stops as soon as you hurt other people. Because of this there are regulations which prevent people from doing things which are harmful to other people. For example, you are free to listen to music whenever you want but as soon as you annoy other people you must stop listening. Constructive criticism is another kind of freedom which, must be encouraged because this criticism may prevent people from doing wrong things. But there are many people who criticize others because they are jealous of them.
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