Freedom and Limitations

Topics: Democracy, United States, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: April 1, 2006
Freedom and limitations

Freedom is the condition of being free and the power to act or speak or think without restraint. What does freedom mean to me? I can't help but be thankful every morning that I wake up; I am a free woman. I pray for the men and women that go to the line every day to give us that freedom.

Freedom comes in many different forms such as social, economic, physical and political. There are limitations to every type of freedom because you have the ability to abuse these freedoms, and this can affect others. No other democratic society in the world permits social or personal freedom to the degree of the United States of America. The freedom of expression is given to us to express our feelings, yet we still take this freedom for granted by publicly offending others by obscenity and racism. It is sad, but you see it every day.

Economic freedom is very important to every day life. You have the ability to enlarge your economic freedom by the amount of money that you make. The amount of a person's income depends on how constrained a person is in pursuing their own interests. This is a freedom, but can also be a limitation if income is limited. I find that it takes money to further education and it takes further education to make money. As Milton Friedman explained: Freedom is invisible. Political freedom cannot long prevail where economic freedom is threatened.

I have to admit that physical freedom is a lenient area for the United States. You have the choice to wear what ever you want, as long as you are not being obscene. Some parts of the United States allow you to be totally free, and go naked. The limitation to physical freedom could be articles of clothing that you may or may not be able to wear to work or school. I believe that some people can be very offensive in what they wear. Clothing can also be offending, racial, sexual, or just profane. This again is sad that even though we have the choice, some cannot make he...
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