Freedom and Independence, the Problem and the Solution the Main Things Fukuzawa Values in Life Are Freedom and Independence. He Believes That These Are the Key Fundamental Principles That a Nation Should Be Founded

Topics: Tokugawa shogunate, Samurai, Shogun Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 11, 2012
The main things Fukuzawa values in life are freedom and independence. He believes that these are the key fundamental principles that a nation should be founded upon. Fukuzawa states about Japan that the problems of the nation and the individual are the same when dealing with freedom and independence.

The individuals who lack proper freedom are doomed to fail and cause detrimental effects to those around them as well. They will fail from having a lack of freedom because they were trapped in a caste system, thus causing them to be stuck in a place where they can move neither up nor down. In addition, too much freedom can lead to a lavish amount of wasteful spending of one's cash. For example, when one spends money on unnecessary things, this does not only affect them but also the people around them for it will incite a feeling our jealousy and lust to others of what the other man has. These temptations then have detrimental effects on the rest of the nation because it will affect their education and other priorities. A prime example of this instance occurring during Fukuzawa's time is the use of Geisha by the peasants, which incited jealousy from the samurai. The samurai then broke their rules of their clan, joined in the waste of money and added to the degeneration of the nation. The lack of freedom will restrict the people and too much freedom will lead them to act without restraint. This then relates to Japan as a whole. When Japan isolates itself from the other nations, thereby having a lack of freedom, Japan will not advance and it is restricting its true potential. This is the feeling Fukuzawa gets from both the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Imperial regime. For they both had strict anti foreign policies, which Fukuzawa saw and disliked. Fukuzawa believes that with the perfect amount of freedom of the people and the nation will cause non indulgent behavior, self sufficiency and they will have good foreign influence.

Independence is a sense of wanting...
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