Freedom and Hope----the Shawshank Redemption

Topics: Prison / Pages: 2 (322 words) / Published: May 11th, 2013
it is a good film. the definition of a "good film", in my opinion, means that it have something that will arouse your sympathy and will touch your soul.
yes, "freedom". a groups of prisoners enjoying cool beers on the roof, the classical music resounding in the Shawshank prison, Andy's persistence in writing letters appealing for establishment of library in the prison, prisoners reading books and listening to music in their own library...the movie tells us that even the underpriviliged persons have the rights to enjoy freedom and deep in their soul, they have the instincts to pursuing beauty of life. however, there is also a tragical example about an old man who has stayed in Shawshank for 50 years and is so used to the prison that he is finally "institutionalized". He loses the desire for freedom, and he becomes the prioner of himself.
"hope" is a dangerous thing in Shawshank, according to one prisoner who has stayed there for 30 years. sometimes it means punishments and even death. but our hero, Andy, doesn't think so. he is always full of hope. with hope, he succeeds in establishing a new and well-arranged library for his fellow friends in Shawshank by writing letters to the government every week for 6 years. with hope, he plays the classcial music through the loudspeaker in the prison at the cost of two weeks' in the "dark room". with hope, he spends 19 years digging a hole in his room with a small hammer and finally breaks out of the prison for freedom. with hope, he shatters the conspiracy of the waden and the guard with careful planning...
there are so many highlights in the movie that i am short of words to express myself. however, from the movie, we know that "freedom is precious and we should enjoy the free life everyday" and "with hope, nothing is impossible".

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