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Freedom? Or Restriction?

Mr. Musselman
Cheongna Dalton School
Class Section A
Hyun Jun Han
Theoretical Psychology Experiment
Title: Freedom? Or Restriction?
Name: Hyunjun Han
Institutional Affiliation: Cheongna Dalton School
Class section: A

For long there has been a surplus of controversy regarding the human race’s choice between freedom and restriction. Do people excel in a environment where they are restricted, or do they excel when they are completely free? According to behaviors of societies or groups, the answer would vary to that question. For example, whilst the German dictators believed in democracy and supported it, they had chosen totalitarianism over democracy when needed. On the other side, or for a more modern example, the company Gore has and did not have any management system, no boss, no rankings in the company and yet it thrives within its freedom. Thus, to truly judge which may be the better choice, the roots of both the German dictators decision and the company Gore’s policies must be studied, the behavior of individuals when faced with either restriction or freedom. Therefore, in short it boils down to whether the average person can do better in restriction or do better in freedom, this decides humanities’ adherence to either side.

To hypothesize, because of the fact that restrictions allow or focus on smaller details and discard unnecessary attention to factors outside the restriction, it is hypothesized that a person under restriction will have a higher performance in most activities, than another that has complete freedom, which would have unnecessary factors that may hinder performance mixed in the usable factors within freedom.


Representative Sampling and Procedures
To prove this hypothesis, an experiment will be carried out unto a representative sample to reach a conclusion. First of all, the representative sample will be selected by (after informed consent in viewing scores and selection of participants) examining the language proficiency levels of 1500 random high school students in the USA using the SAT, ACT, and their high school English courses to separate them into pairs of students with similar levels of proficiency in English, based on their scores. Then each member of the two person group will either be assigned either to the control group or the experimental group. The experiment will involve one member of the experimental group and one member of the control group at a time, whom will each be given 100 words (the necessary types of words) to make grammatically correct sentences with, until all the words are used up. Note that the 2 members taking part in the trial have to have similar levels of English proficiency, and must not know that the two have differing conditions to complete the task.

Dependent/independent variable
However, the independent variable will be altered for the members of the experimental group, there will be a restriction placed on the experimental group. The restriction present on the experimental group will limit the maximum number of words allowed per each sentence created. The maximum number of words that will be limited will be seven words per sentence, and the trial will go on until the experimenter concludes that no more words can be made with the left over word choices. As for the results, or the dependent variable, the outcomes will be measured by examining the proficiency of the two groups with their given conditions. To be specific, the measurements will be the average number of sentences for the experimental group per minute, will be compared to the average number of sentences for the control group.

Experimental Bias
As for experimental bias, to avoid bias in the selection of words, a computer program will be created to randomly select words from a dictionary, instead of the experimenter doing so, who may be fond of specific words....
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