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Topics: Question, Interrogative word, Alphabet Pages: 1 (470 words) Published: November 30, 2008
Originally, when I started this, the direction I wanted to take the essay in is on a level that that dealt with individual people and not society as a whole. However, the more I look into this question, the more I see the necessity in speaking about everything The term ignorance is a term used to describe those who have not been fortunate enough to gain an education worthy of an American. However, one of the main things that have made Americans Society boom is the American ever lasting questions of why and how. By asking these questions, are we making ourselves ignorant? And if so, can anyone be considered educated in a world where no one is ever done learning? From the moment my mother started reading to me, I was fascinated with letters. Although I did not know the power in knowing the alphabet, I was in love with the idea of reading and writing. Learning the ABCs was not the hard part; regurgitating something is rather simple. The real twist came when I started to see the impact that these twenty-six letters could make. These twenty-six letter made up every single word out there, they were the basis structure for novels, poems, songs; they were the foundation of nearly everything in my life. While thinking the question over and trying to come up with a side, if you will, to the question, in my head, the way I saw this question is this: When you are born, you are in a single room, this room only has one door – the door that you need to open to learn how to communicate. Now, once this door is open, it could lead to 1,000 doors or it maybe lead up to 1 million, but linguistics is always the first step. Overall, it seems that people will never be completely free from a life of ignorance. Too often, we feel that the big scientific and mathematic breakthroughs are behind us, but it seems that we are just looking within the box that society has placed for us and are overlooking the fact that their could be an infinite numbers of possible boxes. When Henry Miller...
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