"Free Trade" Please Respond to the Following: * Determine If the Benefits of Free Trade Outweigh the Drawbacks, and What Could Be Done to Address the Drawbacks (If Anything). * State Whether You Believe Fair Trade Is a

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"Free Trade" Please respond to the following:

* Determine if the benefits of free trade outweigh the drawbacks, and what could be done to address the drawbacks (if anything). * State whether you believe fair trade is a fad or a trend. Provide support for your reasons.

I Believe Free Trade is a trend, because it builds competition by offering different goods and supplies for a better living. Not every person has the time and needs to grown their own produce, or make their own clothes. It is much easier to just walk to a store and buy them. Also, Free Trade gives more countries a certain advantage to expand there goods and supplies that are not available in other countries. For instance, the US is more diverse now than before. Different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds demand products that are difficult to receive. Shipping is inconvenient, costly, and some items are prohibited to send. The restaurant industry is an example for high shipping needs. Asian cuisine is just one of the many types of food in high demand. Goods and supplies that couldn’t be found, are available now with ease. Majority Americans demand different world cuisines, making it a high demand. The disadvantages of free trade include structural unemployment due to removal of trade barriers. Multi National dominance will increase, and put smaller businesses out, because they wouldn’t be able to compete. Agreements in free trade should be clear and fair between traders. The benefits still outweigh the disadvantages. Our economy depends on free trade. According to

Denise H. Froning, a former Trade Policy Analyst in the Center for International Trade and Economics at The Heritage Foundation.

Congress and the President should take every opportunity to articulate the benefits of trade to the American people and to expand international trade by any possible means, such as the unilateral lowering of trade barriers, the forging of regional and bilateral trade...
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