Free Time Activities

Topics: Discovery Channel, MythBusters, Britney Spears Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Free time activities.
I like to watch movies in my free time. I love action movie like Rambo, transporter, and … I also like to watch music and dancing movies or clip on youtube or I bought my own album. I love English music. I download a lot of English music on youtube. I like High School musical, Britney Spears and Westlife. I love to store those Mp4 in my Iphone 4s, so I can listen in school. My father usually encourages me to watch discovery channel and national geographic, when I am a child. For first three days, I didn’t like it. After a while, I feel that I know more with my father. I know how to build the car with Myth Buster. Another day, I learn more about how the car factories run smoothly. I also know more about the World affairs with national geographic. Discovery channel bring me to universe that I have never heard about. Furthermore, I and my friends has joined movie club near my house. In movie club, people as my age come here enjoy movies and share their own making clips. We learn to make better movies or picture with photoshop software. For relaxing time, we always watch those cartoon movies. I like Shrek and Over the Hedge. I and my friends eat pop corn and 7up, when we watch cartoon movies. Movies bring a lot of joys and knowledge to me. I will continue to watch them, after I study and do my homework.
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