Free Time

Topics: Turkey, Istanbul, Population growth Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: April 22, 2015

The Concept of Free Time
Time is life, and if you waste of your time , it means you waste of your life. Some of free time activities has positive meaning and some of them can be negative. For example; doing some sports , to be healtly, join some culturel activities vs. “Positive “be considered or various crime , such as drug addiction and violence "Negative" be considered. The high population growth rate and the excess of the young population, the importance of working for the assessment of free time increases even more. Especially free time as a useful assessment of the young people living in urban areas, It is important for the country's future. İn Turkey

The Turkish people are love music and movie. Those who can afford it go to concerts. Major cities have cultural events with international stars and local performers. Turkish classical music is very distinctive. The rhythm and scale are typically Middle Eastern, and the music is in a choral, folk ballad style. Turkish films are very dramatic -- the plot nearly always includes gun chases and romance. They always have a sad ending. Sport is an important part of the cultural and social life in Turkey. Whether you like to play or observe sports, Turkey has a busy sporting calendar with major events in football, athletics and rugby taking place throughout the year. Whatever your tastes, you will have the opportunity to watch or take part in a wide range of sporting activities. Sport in Turkey is actively supported by the State and facilities are increasing in number. Barbecue is indispensable for the Turkish people. Even if the winter season. In addition ; concerts, attend special courses, go to cafe, spend time on internet , playing PC games may be included. İn Poland

As it is observed , people , those who are more educated , - spend their free time in the theatre , cinema and cocert, some attend special courses, connected with haobbies. The most often young people in Poland make sport (nordic walking, in...
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