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Free Time

By maryamshnejad Dec 11, 2010 1609 Words
pSome people prefer to spend their free time outdoors. Other people prefer to spend their leisure time indoors. Would you prefer to be outside or would you prefer to be inside for your leisure activities? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

146: Some people prefer to spend their free time outdoors. Other people prefer to spend their leisure time indoors. Would you prefer to be outside or would you prefer to be inside for your leisure activities? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

In my view, indoor and outdoor activities have their respective good point for our spending leisure time in different ways. I am acutually spending time both outside and inside almost alternatly because I can enjoy and relax myself doing so. Yet, I love, if anything, being in my room.

On the one hand, I love going shopping and passing time away in a cafe over coffee laced with sugar and plentiful milk. Selecting clothes walking around several departmentstores and drinking coffee viewing people in in-mode clothes out of the window in between has been one of the time when I can feel happy most. On the other, no less do I love spending my breaks over the coffee reading books or magazines, watching movies on TV, listening to music like jazz, classical, or contemporary in my room.

What I would like you to realize here about the way my spending leisure is that even in outdoor activities I can feel cut off people while surrounded by them. Such is what I require of my leisure time because I am apt to turn inwards if got around by many others. Yet, the many enjoyments available outside such as concerts, movies, and sport events have a feature that they are necessarily crowded with merry people, and without all serenity, which I have found at times rather disagreeable, even offensive.

Summing up, though I like enjoying myself both outside and inside, because of my taste for being alone, I may say I prefer spending my leisure inside to outside my house. Some people prefer to plan activities for their free time very carefully. Others choose not to make any plans at all for their free time. Compare the benefits of planning free-time activities with the benefits of not making plans. Which do you prefer ―planning or not planning for your leisure time? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

The life is very short. There are a lot of interesting things to enjoy, but in other hand we can't learn or taste all of things. So we shouldn’t waste our time in vain. I think people have to plan their activity for their any free or not time with very carefully. But in another hand just enjoying of free time without planning anything is also good way.

After long term and difficult work one should always has time to rest. As we say the good rest serves for best results in work. A lot of people wait their vacations anxiously. They have great plans to spend this time of their life with their family or friends somewhere in sea or mountainous places. People make plans of their vacations even one year before. All of this because I think that if you'll plan your vacation or free time carefully you'll have an opportunity to get even more excitement from your life and you'll have time to taste more new things. In addition if you'll plan your journey or trip with careful you'll not have any problems in transportation, hostels and financial matters.

But there are also some kind of people who don't like to plan anything. Of course they don't make any plans for their free time. They just enjoy their life just lying down at beaches or just reading some interesting book in the park. In this case you haven't think about any matters and your mind will be free at all. You can just concentrate in one thing and do it with pleasure. One my friend likes fishing very much and every week-end he goes to the river and sits there several hours. He doesn't think about anything and just enjoy with fishing and studying several kinds of fishes.

There are several people in the world. Some people prefer to plan every activity for their free time in their life and someone doesn't like "strict" plans. But I think one should make a plan of his free time or vacations to get even more result from his rest. The easiest thing is to get outside!

While we've still got the good weather, my family and I like to get outside as much as possible whether it's a walk to the park or a bike ride. The exercise is good for us, and the fresh air insures the kids will go to bed on time too!

If it's rainy out, or if you're not up to going outside, how about (what we call) a Family Fun Night. We pull out the hide-a-bed, blow up the air mattresses and camp out in the living room we spend all day (or weekend) playing board games, watching family movies and even the occaisional video game (we all love Mario Party). To make it "fun" we take a break from cooking and buy some easy to make (and totally unhealthy) foods. It's OK to do once in a while, and the kids enjoy it.

The best part about these options (especially now) is that they're pretty inexpensive.

If money's not a problem check local hotels near you, that have pools (or a water park...but pools are sometimes just as fun and less crowded). Get a room for the night just to get out and avoid cabin fever. My parents used to do this all the time when we were younger.

All in all, it doesn't really matter WHAT you do so long as you DO it. Spending time with your family is something that builds memories for everyone, sets good examples for your kids, and gives everyone a chance to connect. We're all too busy these days, take the time when the opportunity presents itself. You won't regret it. | Sources: My opinion/experience with my family and kids |

Family Activities

Oh, my gosh--there are so many things you can do with your family and friends instead of being on the computer...well, it's a good idea to use the computer to find activities to do, sometimes, though!

But your local paper is probably a good place to start. This time of year there is so much going on for great family fun. Fall festivals are happening everywhere (I was at one today!). Most have free admission, and lots of activities for kids. Crafts, games and a bit of learning. Craft shows are fun to visit and to shop and to see new locations.

Many museums are free of charge for admission. Most have hands-on activities that kids love. You can find a museum geared specifically for kids, but with a little advance research on your part any museum can be made into an adventure for kids, with a little imagination and effort. Talk to them, read signs to them, and ask them questions about what they are seeing--involve them in learning, rather than just drag them through exhibits that might be too high for them to even see.

Many zoos offer special events in the fall. We just went to ours recently where we could watch them feed the animals in special ways--the food was inserted into boxes and bags and melons to stimulate the animals and present them with challenges, rather than just feeding them out of a dish. It was very interesting to see.

Go for a walk! If you have a camera the kids can use, it's fun to let them take photos and then look at them later on the computer. It helps them develop new skills, and also helps with memories later. Cemeteries, while some are bothered by them, are fully of history, art, and nature, and can be very interesting to visit. With a sheet of white paper and a crayon kids can make grave rubbings of the markers to take home and maybe even do a bit more research about who was buried there. Find names of the streets in your town on those stone, and you might find even more local history.

Do craft projects! Every kid loves to do arts and crafts. Get some supplies, and have fun! Even coloring together and talking can be a great time! making paper plate puppets and then putting on a little show is fun!

Do a puzzle together, one of the big jigsaw puzzles that might take up the whole table. Maybe have a snack and drinks, and work together on completing the puzzle.

There's so much! This is just a small start! Have fun with your family!| Anything be creative. =)

There is so many things you could do with your friends depending on what things you are open to doing. *You and your friends could read a book or play
*Learn to cook
*Go for walks or to a gym
*learn yoga
*write letters to famous people giving your opinion on their movies *play board games
*sit outside in the nice weather
*go to the park
*visit a nursing home
*make crafts
*sing songs you havent heard in years |
Sources: my opinion |

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