Free Levitation Magic the Spinning Card

Topics: Playing card, Card game, Magic Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Free levitation magic tricks are the ones I get asked day in, day out to add more of. So without further ado I present the spinning card trick. Although similar to the Bottle Cap Levitation with this effect there is more scope for a few 'tricks' as you will see.

THE EFFECT: The magician is able to make an ordinary playing card spin off the top of the deck, levitating between his hands the card is totally under the magician's control. The card floats from one hand to the other, floats up and back down and even around the magicians body 360 degrees!

After the effect spectators examine the playing card and find it is completely normal. Watch the effect in action below then learn free levitation magic. I will break every bit down for you in easy bite sized chunks... THE SECRET: For this free levitation magic trick you are going to need a pack of playing cards and some trusty magicians thread (invisible thread). You can pick some up from your local magic dealer or as part of my FreeMagicTricks4u Kit. You are also going to need some magicians wax (also included in my kit) or a small piece of clear tape.

First attach some magicians wax or clear tape to both ends of the invisible thread. You want a length of thread that reaches roughly from your earlobe to your groin area. (This is a rough estimate and you will need to see what length works best for you).

Stick one end of the thread to the back of your earlobe. let the thread hang down in front of you. Place the other end of the thread to the back of your thumb nail or wrist. Somewhere you can easily access when you need to. When you are ready to perform the trick hand out the deck of cards to the spectators to examine and/or shuffle.

This is just to get them handling the cards to show them that they are totally normal. Take back the deck and as you do secretly stick the end of the thread directly onto the middle of the top card (pic 1). If you are using Bicycle Cards (which you definitely should be) to...
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