free from fear

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Academic Form-10
(Academic Regulation No.7.4)

Name of the Student
Pooja Devi
Date of Birth
Admission no.
Date of Entry
Biology and Environmental Sciences
Major Field
Environmental Sciences
Minor Field(s)
i) Biochemistry

9.Academic qualifications prior to joining the University
Degree / Diploma
Year of Passing
Aggregate Percentage of marks or OGPA
Major Subjects/
Elective, if any
Institution / University
March 2005
March 2007
H.P Board
B.Sc.Agri. / B.V.Sc. / B.Sc.
March 2010
M.Sc. (Agri.) / M.V.Sc. / M.Sc.
Attach copies of the Certificates and detailed Marks/Transcript (in duplicate) of all the examinations passed.
Contd. 2

10. Proposed Research Problem:
a) Title of Thesis : “Seasonal Variations in Physico-Chemical Regime of Pond Ecosystem”

b) Brief Outline of Work: Ecosystem is a basic structural and functional unit composed of biotic and abiotic components interrelating and interacting upon each other with unidirectional flow of energy in a particular unit of space. A pond is a self sufficient and self regulating ecosystem. Physico chemical regime includes physical and chemical characteristics. It is closely related to hydrobiology, which is concerned with the application of principles and methods of Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Biology to ecological problems. The seasonal variations in physico -chemical regime of pond ecosystem reflects the water quality and determines the presence and abundance of biota in the system.
Thus, in the present study an attempt

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