Free Fall Lab

Topics: Acceleration, Kinematics, Ball Pages: 4 (766 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Free Fall Lab
Natalie Soria
Lab Partners:
Ryan Michaely
Iqra Haji
Yan Huang

1. Purpose:
The purpose of this experiment is to determine the acceleration due to gravity by observing the motion of a free falling object. 2. Equipment Used:
A. Timer Switch
B. Time-of-Flight Accessory
C. Control Box
D. AC adapter
E. Drop Box
F. Steel ball
G. Solid gold ball
H. Big plastic ball
3. Method Used:
1) Place the steel ball on the drop box.
2) Set the timer to “Time: Two Gates” mode.
3) Measure the distance between the bottom of the ball and the plate and record in table 4) Release the ball using the timer switch and record the time it takes to fall. 5) Change the distance and repeat step (4) until table is complete 6) Repeat steps (3) – (5) with solid golf ball

7) Repeat steps (3) – (5) with big plastic ball
4. Diagram:
Timer Switch
Timer Switch

5. Data:
Table 1: Determining the acceleration of the steel ball dropped Distance (M)| Time(S)| Time(S2)|
0.80m| 0.4074s| 0.166s2|
0.75m| 0.3969s| 0.1575s2|
0.70m| 0.3809s| 0.1451s2|
0.65m| 0.3692s| 0.1363s2|
0.60m| 0.3546s| 0.1257s2|
0.55m| 0.3438s| 0.1182s2|
Table 2: Determining the acceleration of the solid golf ball dropped Distance (M)| Time(S)| Time(S2)|
0.80m| 0.4044s| 0.1635s2|
0.75m| 0.3906s| 0.1526s2|
0.70m| 0.3785s| 0.1433s2|
0.65m| 0.3643s| 0.1363s2|
0.60m| 0.3494s| 0.1257s2|
0.55m| 0.3390s| 0.1182s2|
Table 3: Determining the acceleration of the plastic ball dropped Distance (M)| Time(S)| Time(S2)|
0.80m| 0.4111s| 0.169s2|
0.75m| 0.4026s| 0.1621s2|
0.70m| 0.3849s| 0.1481s2|
0.65m| 0.3698s| 0.1368s2|
0.60m| 0.3553s| 0.1262s2|
0.55m| 0.3382s| 0.1144s2|...
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