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Topics: Drug addiction, Drug, Illness Pages: 4 (880 words) Published: July 13, 2015

Identify one health care bill and discuss how it could change direct service delivery in the community and public health care setting.

Hello Mr./Mrs. Congressman,
I’m writing you on behalf of the Healthcare Controlled Substances Bill; this is the biggest Healthcare Issue of Session 2012. This law prohibits against the unauthorized possession of drugs that the government has determined to be dangerous, habit-forming, or otherwise not appropriate for use without a prescription (2015). This bill focuses on five areas which are: “(Implements additional regulation of opioid treatment centers (Methadone Clinics); • Establishes licensing and regulation of Chronic Pain Clinics; • Establishes review capabilities of the Controlled Substances Database under the Board of Pharmacy to flag abnormal or unusual usage patterns of controlled substances by patients and unusual prescribing or dispensing patterns by licensed practitioners; • Implements a requirement for continued education for physicians and other prescribers, dispensers and persons who administer controlled substances; and, • Regulates the sale of pseudoephedrine)”,(2012).This bill could change the direct service delivery to the community by either helping or hindering the chance of substance abuse. With today’s society leaning towards alcohol and drug abuse whether legal or illegal drugs our government should apply strict laws that don’t allow free gain of drugs. The passing of such bill allows for less chance of dependency of drugs. With this bill you have less drug seeking in your healthcare settings, less abusers at pain management centers, hospitals, and even at your rehab centers because thorough records are being kept. The bill also closes the door to more drugs being sold on the streets illegally such as oxycotin, Percocet, and hydrocodone drugs that are controlled by pharmacist and doctors.

Summarize the pros and cons of the bill as written and the impact it will have on patient care and...
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