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Topics: 2007 singles, Unconscious mind, All That You Can't Leave Behind Pages: 50 (15616 words) Published: March 6, 2015
100 signs that will show you who
likes you in under 30 minutes

The ultimate source for understanding yourself and others


About is the best place on the internet to understand your emotions, understand other people and get over all kinds of emotional problems. Since 2006 we have helped millions of people to get over all kinds of emotional issues and to understand themselves perfectly. have got more than 65,000,000 (65 million page views) since it was launched. At the time of writing this book 2knowmyself gets more than 1.5 million page views each month.

The information found on 2knowmyself is different because:


Its backed by solid research that has been running for years It’s not intuitive or easily guessed
Its practical not vague
It works! You can try it yourself

I didn’t write this book to help players hunt more victims I didn’t write this book to help you break someone’s heart or even have a one night stand
I only wrote this book to help you increase your self esteem when you discover that many people like you and to help you find your future partner whom you are going to spend your whole life with.
I am not responsible for any unethical use of this book and if you used it incorrectly then don’t blame me later on when you feel guilty. This book was written for serious people only and not for those who want to play around.


It usually takes me less than 30 minutes on a first meeting to know whether someone likes me or not.
My reputation has grown to the extent that people call me and ask me to hang out with them just to tell them whether a certain person likes someone else or not.
I have never failed to predict that someone is in love with someone else even though I used to spot the signs in very early stages even before the signs were noticed by anyone who knows the couple

Just like I did with all my other skills, I started analyzing my skill and breaking it down into pieces until I discovered the techniques that I use in order to know whether someone is in love with me or not.

After I broke down those skills into practical steps that anyone can use I decided to put them in this book to help you know whether anybody likes you or not in just few minutes.
I am a body language expert and I have the most informative body language section on the whole Internet, if you dare to challenge this statement please take a look at the body language section in 2knowmyself.

I really become upset when I see famous books and online websites saying that putting the hands in the waist is a sign of liking someone (totally wrong) or that touching the face is a negative sign (incorrect piece of information). In this book you will learn the truth about the correct body language signs people make when they like someone.

I know that there are lots of free sites covering this topic but unfortunately 99% of them have incorrect information because people just copy from each other without understanding what they are writing about.

One of the strongest advantages of this book is that it will remove the misconceptions and the false principles from your mind while guiding you to the correct ones that can really help you in knowing whether someone likes you or not.

In this book I will tell you about those techniques I use so that you too can know whether someone likes you or not. After reading this book you will surely be able to know whether someone likes you or not and your ability to detect attraction signals will become superb.


The other advantage of this book is that its not going to tell you to watch for the person’s body language then stop just like lots of books do but instead it will go many steps further by explaining to you what you should look for exactly. Please use the book wisely, it’s not a tool to be used for people who want a one night stand or for those who want to kill...
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