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We should stop the use of the plastic bags as much as possible. The main reason for banning the use of plastic bags unpaid by the user is to protect our environment. The plastic bags do much harm to our environment. The population calls the pollution produced by the plastic bags “the white pollution”. Not only do the plastic bags do harm to our generation, but also their harm will exist for several generations, because the soil cannot degrade the plastic bags; in other words, the plastic bags are not degradable and their harm cannot be absorbed by our dear soil. They cannot be processed scientifically and properly, for example, by burying them. Our environment problems have been very serious already. Let us just look at the plastic bags’ bad role. Every year more than 4000 million’ plastic bags have been distributed by the supermarkets and shops including the little shops. It equals the 30000 million tons’ emissions. If we do not protect the environment well, the nature will have bad effect on us; sometimes we may lose our property, even lives. For example, the snow and ice disasters occurred during the last winter. No doubt, forbidding supermarkets and shops from handing out free carriers would be inconvenient for the consumers. They have to carry the bags by themselves when they go shopping. Or they pay for the plastic bags. They cannot use the free plastic bags as the rubbish bags at home any more. They may feel bad because their costs are increased and their benefits are decreased. Consumers’ interests are less. But just the short term interests are sacrificed. We have the long term interests. We will form good habits and good life style that are fit for the environment. Once people have a good habit of not using the plastic bags, disgusting the plastic bags, but using other substitute things such as the paper bags instead, we will be used to the new life style and will not feel inconvenient.
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