Frederick Douglass's Moral Courage

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: February 11, 2007
Not many people follow through with their aspirations, but those who do evolve greatly and achieve great respect. Frederick Douglass's life reflects moral courage and character in multitudes of way by thoroughly standing up for what he believes is morally right. Frederick Douglass exemplifies a man with great character through his passionate speeches, his determination to abolish slavery and his love for all people.

Through Frederick Douglass's speeches, his audience receives a great understanding of his morals. He passionately speaks on his beliefs of what a society built on equality should embody. At an antislavery meeting in New Bedford, Massachusetts where he becomes allied with Garrison and his abolitionist views. Audiences were impressed and he became hired as a speaker. Garrison was impressed as well, and helped him get started with an Antislavery newspaper, "Liberator". With his passionate speeches, he was the voice of the African Americans strive against slavery.

Most of his life, Frederick Douglass devoted his time to abolish slavery. Finally in 1865, Frederick Douglass was able to witness the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, outlawing slavery, is ratified. Douglass served as an advisor to President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Together, they fought for the adoption of constitutional amendments that assured voting rights and civil liberties. Not only concerned for his people rights, his love for all people spread to women rights.

African American's lack of rights parallel to those of Women's. Frederick Douglass saw this as an opportunity to increase awareness of inequality. He participated in the Seneca Falls Convention, the birthplace of the American feminist movement, and one of the signer of its Declaration of Sentiments. It didn't matter if it was women rights or African American rights, Frederick Douglass sought for equality.

Frederick Douglass stood out as a man of great morals and character. He followed through...
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