Fred collins ; truely couragous?

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KayLee Mcbride

October 8, 2013


Honors English 9

Courage: Does it truely have a definition?

Courage is… taking a risk, for greater good. It’s pushing past fear. Courage is fighting even when victory seems impossible.

For example, firemen save women, men and children. They may have equipment and training but,their still risking their life for the greater good of someone else. Someone uncourageous would be picking up an orange that an elderly woman dropped at the grocery store. This may be helping someone but, it’s not courageous because there's no fear nor a risk.

Fear, many times gets the best of us.Some people can learn to put their fears behind them. People like this would be people in the infantry of the army,because those are the front line guys who have the biggest chances of death. It isn’t like the less dangerous jobs in the army such as communications . Where these men never leave the base so there is almost no risk. Theses men could possibly being doing it for selfish gain. Infantry is actually in the war fighting for our country. Therefore an infantryman is courageous where a communications man is not.

Impossible. In the word is clearly says i’m possible! Courage is still fighting when victory seems too far. For example,courage is rushing into a burning building and still saving someone you already assumed was dead. The person took a chance . An uncourageous act would be pulling through a race even though you think you’ll be last.You're helping no one and there's no risk. Therefore, its not courageous.

Courage, its a risk taken, for someone else.
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