Topics: Sumo, Black people, Sport in Japan Pages: 1 (512 words) Published: October 24, 2014

The first part of the movie talks about the way real estate agents work and whether their interests are actually aligned with the seller of the property or not. This is confirmed by the data which shows that the homes of real estate agents tend to command a better price than the client’s as the agents hold the property for more days on the market. The agents ask the clients to sell their respective property’s right away because the additional consideration which they get, for waiting for some more time to get a better price, is very negligible. Thus, the behavioral pattern of the real estate agents depend on the incentives offered to them. A Roshanda by any other name

This part of the movie deals with the process of keeping baby names and its effects. Using the names as background the movie tries to show the cultural segregation between the blacks and whites. It shows the reasons due to which the divide between the black names and white names has become even more prominent. Their research shows that its not the names which have a considerable effect on the lives of the people but rather the background and environment in which the have grown up. But then the movie also shows the impact the African-American names have, in the way they are treated by other people. This is shown by the research done by the Harvard Professor where he sends resumes to employers which are the same in all sections except the name they carry. Half of the resumes have black names, while the other half have white names. The result shows that the resumes having white names are more likely to get called for an interview. The research further indicates that there are no specific names which guarantee success or failure. Cheating

Teachers cheat because there is a lot of pressure on the teachers to get a good score for their school. Corruption
In this part the movie talks about corruption and understand that they take an example of Sumo Wrestling, a 2000-year-old Japanese...
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