Fraternity: Fraternities and Sororities

Topics: Fraternities and sororities, Hazing, Initiation Pages: 10 (2824 words) Published: December 5, 2012
CHAPTER I: Introduction

A fraternity means organizations that bring together men and women, respectively, for social, honor, service, and recognition purposes. It also means friendship between groups of people sharing interests, aims and ideas. This word comes from the Latin root “Frater” which means brother. The fraternities we know of are the exact opposites of the definition. The word fraternities has many concepts and one of the common perceptions about this word is hazing

Many of the youth of today joined this kind of organizations because they wanted to gain friends and confidence. The youth are so absurd to say that they just want to enter this organization because confidence is not something we gain by letting other people beat the crap out of us. It’s not something that is controlled by other people. If we choose to be confident, we will be confident. Confidence is of the mind and we control our mind. As for making friends, the world is full of people. We have a lot to choose from and friends don’t harass friends. We could gain friends if we want to but we should make sure that we take care of them as people who are important to us thus, we must be knowledgeable to the right attitudes towards them. Sometimes fraternities are said to be dangerous because of what we called as hazing. Hazing is the ritualistic harassment of an individual in a fraternity. And this research paper will give it to you. ____________

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Statement of the Problem:
1. What is drug?
2. What are the uses of drugs?
3. What are the differences among drug tolerance, dependence and addiction? 4. What are the effects of drugs to people?
5. What are the laws that the government passed to protect the public? Objectives of the Problem:
!.) to understand what drug is
2.) to find out the uses of drugs
3.) to reveal the differences among drug dependence, tolerance and addiction
4.) to discover what are the effects of drugs to people
5.) to explain the laws that the government passed to protect the public Importance of the Problem:
This involves the meaning of drugs and its effects to those persons who take drugs. It also contains the differences among tolerance, dependence and addiction to drugs. And you can see by yourself what the effects of these drugs to people who are not prescribed by a physician. This can also suggest that we should not take drugs to relief the pain that we are undergoing. This also explains the effects of these to our Central Nervous System.


What is Fraternity?
Fraternities and sororities are organizations that bring together men and women, respectively, for social, honor, service and recognition purposes. Social fraternities and sororities, usually known by their Greek letters, are commonly found on American College campuses and maybe national, with branches at many colleges, or on one campus only. PHI BETA KAPPA, the 1st honor society or fraternity, was established in 1776. A fraternity is defined as a group of people united in a relationship, having some common interests, activity, and purpose. It is a brotherhood, as the members usually say, of people at a college or university usually characterized by Greek letters. For members, fraternity means brotherhood, unity, friendship, trust and acceptance. It means meeting new people, sharing interests and accepting others' as well. It helps in building confidence and character because they believe that a fraternity gives a certain kind of protection. It gives the feeling of security and importance. It is somewhat comparable to gangs as they are both organization of people. However, gangs usually lack purpose and acceptance to communities. Usually linked with violence because members tend to compete with each other. Unlike in fraternity, members have...
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