Fraternities and Sororities and Fraternity

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A fraternity is defined as a group of people united in a relationship, having some common interests, activity, and purpose. It is a brotherhood, as the members usually say, of people at a college or university usually characterized by Greek letters.

For members, fraternity means brotherhood, unity, friendship, trust and acceptance. It means meeting new people, sharing interests and accepting others' as well. It helps in building confidence and character because they believe that a fraternity gives a certain kind of protection. It gives the feeling of security and importance.

It is somewhat comparable to gangs as they are both organization of people. However, gangs usually lack purpose and acceptance to communities. Usually linked with violence because members tend to compete with each other. Unlike in fraternity, members have this humility to help each other out and protect each other from an outsider.

The strength and attractiveness of fraternities and sororities lie in their ability to develop innovative approaches and to maintain effective programs that maximize the character of the chapters and the community within the overall framework of the University. Although each fraternity or sorority sponsors its own functions and possesses its own identity, all have many things in common. They all seek to foster an environment where one can: • Develop bonds of brotherhood and/or sisterhood

• Develop leadership and interpersonal skills
• Form lifetime friendships
• Work together with others in an atmosphere of teamwork • Perform community service projects
• Program social functions for the student community

➢ Social Fraternities

➢ Professional Fraternities

➢ Academic Fraternities

➢ Service Fraternities


Social Fraternities

• Social fraternities are organizations dedicated to helping members network and better engage other people in a social environment. Most have no specific rules regarding the academics or career path of their members, instead focusing on casual events on-campus. A social fraternity is the closest thing to the fraternities you see in movies, with most of their activities rooted in social pursuits rather than community service or academics.

Professional Fraternities

• Professional fraternities are based on the career prospects and goals of their members. Pi Sigma Epsilon, for example, is a fraternity whose membership includes people who want to work in management, sales or marketing. A professional fraternity provides support for members in finding jobs within their specific profession and offers networking opportunities in a given field. In order to join such a fraternity, you need to be on an academic course reflecting your professional ambition

Academic Fraternities

• An academic fraternity is a group of people devoted to academic success. Good grades and a strong record of academic achievement are necessary to pledge an academic fraternity. These fraternities include the best and brightest students on your college campus. Similar to professional fraternities, academic fraternities often focus on the future job choices of their members. Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society devoted to students who intend on entering the education field after graduation. An honors or academic fraternity is a good choice for strong students with a desire to work hard.

Service Fraternities

• As with social fraternities, service fraternities may choose members based on race or religion, without concern about future career paths or current grades. Service fraternities focus primarily on improving the community. A service fraternity may volunteer at homeless shelters, participate in neighborhood clean-ups or safety programs or run a youth mentoring program. This community-oriented approach makes a service...

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