Franz Ferdinand's death from Serbian's perspective

Topics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, World War I Pages: 3 (352 words) Published: September 21, 2014
29th June 1914
Sarajevo Success
Yesterday the joyful news arrived. Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, were shot dead by a man of Serbian nationality. Gavrilo Princip was persistent and even after the bomb attack of his nationalist group, the Black Hand, failed he took the opportunity to save our countrymen in Bosnia from a bleak future. After many requests Austria-Hungary still wouldn’t allow Bosnia to join us in their rightful place so action was the only way forward. Our national hero, Gavrilo Princip, has unfortunately been arrested. We hope that he is not punished harshly as he has done us a great favour by ridding many of our people from the controlling force that Austria-Hungary had over them. Another insulting fact is that Duke Ferdinand chose to make his visit on the Serbian National day, whilst his Empire is threatening the nationality of our people living in Bosnia. Earlier in the day a group of 7 men were planning on throwing a bomb at Duke Franz Ferdinand but the bomb missed his car and the bomb thrower got arrested. We hope that both he and Gavrilo Princip are released soon so we can give them the treatment they deserve for their bravery and persistence. Whilst Gavrilo was walking home the Duke’s car was turning around on the road, as the driver had been given the wrong directions. Gavrilo seized this momentous opportunity and drew his gun, Ferdinand got shot in the jugular vein (a vein that drains blood from the head) and had bled to death before 11.30. Sophie also got shot during the struggle and, as mentioned earlier, died. On this occasion Sophie was allowed to make the army inspection trip with her husband, as it was their wedding anniversary. Sophie was a commoner and was not allowed to go on public visits with the Duke, not that this made people dislike him any less. Now, as Serbian people we will hopefully get the independence we deserve and the power we need to grow as a country, united against Austria-Hungary....
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