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The issues that Mary Shelley discusses in her work “Frankenstein” represent the incidents which occurred in her own life and time. These issues are showed according to Shelley’s thoughts and feelings about them. They also enable the reader more interesting points to think about their own lives. These are: * Birth & Creation

* Alienation
* The Family & The Domestic Affections
She focuses on these issues in terms of “male-dominated” science.

Birth & Creation
In this issue, we see the criticism of Mary Shelley as being the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft who was a woman living in a tradition of literary women and also criticized patriarchy. In Frankenstein, Shelley does it through the main character Victor’s obsession with procreative science. He succeeds in creating a ‘human’ life form. Namely, he finds a way to take over the role of women. He uses his laboratory, his ‘workshop of filthy creation’ as a kind of ‘womb’ while working on his creation. As a consequence of taking over the role of females, women become powerless, weak and flimsy. They no longer have a role in life. Because Victor can now create new life forms, namely a process which women need to be involved in previously. For example, we can see the powerlessness of woman in Justine. She is condemned for a crime even if she didn’t commit. If she had been a man, she would probably have been set free. Namely, we can see Shelley’s criticism on male power. In addition to masculinity of Victor as he presides over a feminine act (birth), there is also masculinity in the creature. It’s masculine in appearance. It makes promises on behalf of the female companion without consulting her and Victor simply destroys her. Namely, both of them display a disregard of females. Also a feminist literary theory claims that Frankenstein’s act of creation is against “female principle” which includes natural...
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