Frankenstein vs Frankenfoods

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Genetically modified organism Pages: 4 (1501 words) Published: December 2, 2007
Frankenstein vs. Frankenfoods

In modern day society scientific advancement is reaching all new levels. Since the scientific revolution people have thrived on making new innovations that make our day to day life easier, more productive, healthier, and most importantly efficient. One such scientific advancement is genetically modified foods otherwise known as Frankenfoods. For example, tomatoes that are grown for the purpose of consumption are now injected with various steroids and have their genomes altered in order to make the larger, tastier, and ‘better' alternative for the consumer. This topic directly relates into the story of Frankenstein. In this book Vincent Frankenstein is faced with numerous dilemmas related to his creation of a monster out of used human parts. At one point in the novel Frankenstein has to contemplate whether or not he should create a mate for the monster. This question raises both moral and ethical questions because at what point does scientific advancement cross the line over into ones person self fulfillment and conquest? Scientific ambition whether it is genetically modified foods, creating a monster, or any other scientific endeavors must take this question into consideration before coming to fruition. One of the tragedies for Victor Frankenstein is the refusal of other characters in the novel to recognize the monster as a full human being. This problem leads the monster to become anti-social and becomes a darker, more evil figure. In order to fulfill the monsters desires for a relationship or contact with other beings, the monster requests that Frankenstein create another monster to become his mate. Trying to scare Frankenstein for not creating his mate, the monster resorted to threats. The first monster threatened Frankenstein and even his family. If Frankenstein does create a companion for his first creation, he may be endangering others. If there is another monster, there will be twice the power and possibly twice the...
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