Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus

Topics: Frankenstein, Prometheus, Mary Shelley Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Adrian Lopez
October 7, 2013
Period 1: Language Arts
The Modern Day Prometheus
A modern day Prometheus is somebody that defies the Gods and does something that only they can do. Victor Frankenstein, from ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley, is considered to be a modern day Prometheus at that time. Prometheus, a Titan, was the first person that started this modern day Prometheus. Mary Shelley tried to make Prometheus and Dr. Frankenstein to be very similar of what their actions.

Prometheus was the son of Iapetus. His name meant “forethought” because he had the power to tell the future so therefore, he was the wisest of all the Titans. Prometheus was also a friend to Zeus because he helped Zeus fight and defeat Cronus even though most of the Titans were with Cronus.

Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus were told to create man. Because Prometheus helped make man, he cared for them. He was known as the protector and benifactor of man. The wise Titan would gift man something that the Gods of Mt. Olympus tended to keep for themselves only: fire. The Gods were very furious about how Prometheus stole fire from the Gods. He was given a cruel punishment. He was chained to a rock with an eagle tearing at his liver. Zeus tended for Prometheus to be left on the rock for all of eternity or until he agreed to disclose to Zeus which of Zeus’s children would try to replace his position. In the end, Hercules ends up rescuing Prometheus and he did not even give in to Zeus.

This is how being a Prometheus began. These kinds of people defy the Gods, yet they are always punished for doing that. Prometheus stole fire and gave to man, but as punishment, his liver was being ripped off every day by an eagle. Victor Frankenstein did something that most people thought only Gods can do: create life. He made life, a thing only Gods can do. Victor hoped that when he created his ‘son’, he would love the creature dearly. Instead, as punishment for defying the Gods, Victor was filled...
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