Frankenstein- the essense of belonging

Topics: Psychology, Thought, Reason Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Frankenstein explores the power of the human mind to push boundaries while providing a chilling insight into human nature
By Chloe Jaggard
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley brings readers to think about the effects of pushing the boundaries of life and the consequences that come from these actions. The human mind is known to constantly want to push our boundaries, because we want to progress in life as a society. This basic human need can have both good and bad endings, and Mary Shelley’s novel is a great indicator of the negative aspects of pushing the boundaries. This novel deeply speaks about the power of the human mind, and more importantly the dark side of our thoughts. In Victor’s obsession with being able to create life, he delves dangerously into the matters of what constitutes life itself. By crossing the lines of what is known into new territory by creating a human himself, he forgets to think about the consequences of creating something that is not supposed to exist in the first place. Frankenstein gives us a thrilling insight into human nature through the question, who has better morals? Dr Frankenstein, the human born person, or the monster who has only been created? Although the monster kills people, it still has the ability to show remorse for it’s actions, which makes us realise that it does have human morals. However, the doctor abandons his creation to go live far away. The doctor is also constantly judging other people, and treated them unfairly, unlike the monster.

Through Victor’s abandonment of the monster, he leaves the monster to fight for itself, without knowledge of what is right and wrong. This is the reason that the monster ends up killing people, as a result of the abandonment by his main father figure and not knowing what it is supposed to do. This then makes readers question the idea of human nature. Are we essentially born good, only to be corrupted by the world and the people around us? Does every living organism need contact with...
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