Frankenstein: the Alternative Ending

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Frankenstein: The Alternative Ending
I hastily fled to my newest place of work. I had inhabited the world with a second creation. This demon, though a woman, was more terrifying and hideous than the first. A monstrous creature created only for longing of a new beginning. A world where I would forget this horrible deed I had bestowed upon the universe. I had only promised my first creation a companion, not a family. His companion would never get the chance to conceive, for no more demons will wreak havoc upon mankind. I fled knowing the creature was close looking for what I had promised him. I searched the beaches on the island for a boat of some sort to take me far away. A sense of relief filled my body when I saw a fishing boat anchored a little ways ahead. I approached the boat and the fisherman agreed to take me to see Clerval, so that we may enjoy each other’s company. I had hoped Clerval’s cheerful attitude would rub off on me and I would forget the grotesque beasts I had created. Perhaps I would find peace and happiness with Elizabeth as my wife. I finally once again looked upon my old friend, Clerval, but his face was frowning. “This place of solitude has made you even more depressed than before.”

His words haunted my mind as I remembered my horrific creations I had forgotten. I immediately fell ill at the thought of the terrible deed I had done. After weeks of pain, nightmares, and hallucinations, I was ready to return home to Geneva. Clerval, however, would not return with me, for he had wanted to set out to London. We said our farewells and wished each other good luck on our travels.

Soon after I had arrived in Geneva, Elizabeth and I were married. With every day that passed, the image of my ghastly creations left my mind. A few months after joining in holy matrimony, Elizabeth became pregnant. I was so overjoyed I could taste pure happiness on my tongue. However, I was foolish to believe in such happiness, for what came next would haunt me...
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