Frankenstein-Sympathy for Victor or the Monster?

Topics: Academy Award for Best Actress, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: December 28, 2010
At the beginning of the novel, Frankenstein retells his story of how his experiment backfired and how the Monster is evil because it killed many people that were dear to Victor. At this point, the reader begins to sympathise with Victor entirely for two reasons, which consist of the monster's brutality towards members of Victor's family and for ruining all of Victor's hopes and aspirations. Victor tells Walton how his creation was meant to be 'beautiful' but explains how his enthusiasm for his project was dashed when creation and creator first came face to face, or as put by Victor, "the beauty of the dream vanished and disgust filled my heart." Victor describes his creation as a monster or machine rather than a human which it was designed to be using a powerful adjective in the shape of "convulsive," used to describe the creature's movements. Shelley also uses the description of the monster to emphasise the effect that the monster's horrific appearance had on Frankenstein. By the end of chapter 5, where the monster comes to life, the reader's sympathy for Victor is even stronger than before because Frankenstein is portrayed to be weak due to all the effort he has put into his experiment and the disappointment he feels at the end. He exclaims, "for this I had deprived myself of rest and health!" However, the disgust felt by Victor towards the monster also means an increase in sympathy for the monster. In Chapter 10, the monster enlightens Frankenstein of how he felt neglected and unwanted by Victor just because of his appearance. Mary Shelley attempts to teach the reader not to judge a book by its cover, as Frankenstein did to the monster. This pity rises yet further when the monster relates how he tried to help people, tried to be kind, tried to be normal, but his kindness was not recognised and when people met him, they would attack him in fear or would run away when they saw his hideous appearance. Whenever the monster tried to commit a good deed, it was...
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