Frankenstein - Similarities Between Victor and the Monster.

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Similarities between Victor and the monster. |

Trace the similarities between Victor and the monster. Consider their respective relationships with nature, desires for family, and any other important parallels you find. Do Victor and the monster become more similar as the novel goes on? How does their relationship with each other develop? Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’ (1818) describes two crucial characters Mr Victor Frankenstein and the monster he creates Frankenstein. Even though the monster is not a clone of Victor or shares any of his DNA there are significant traits and qualities that are very similar to Victor. They are not similar in their physical and social actions but their personalities are parallel. As the novel progresses both characters stand their position firm as heavy weights in their daily lives. Both characters strive to gain as much knowledge as possible and look to nature and its serenity during times of suffering and when they are distressed. Consequently, both have numerous similarities. Victor Frankenstein and the un-human like monster have many similar traits and aspects of their lives but both crave for a continuous stream of knowledge. Early in the novel Victor is craving for more and more knowledge thus he leaves his large estate and his love Elizabeth to go to university to learn to understand situations and subjects better. As a result of his obsession of gaining knowledge he created this monster, it was like an ‘unwanted child’ (p79), as the monster carries so many of the same characteristics and flaws that Victor possesses it is almost as if the monster inherits these traits. Both victor and the monster long for becoming more intelligent about their surrounding world. When the monster is hiding in the poor family’s house, he steals food and by doing this he realizes he is bringing great distress to the humans, from there on he stops stealing food, rather he helps harvest the crops and cuts firewood for them. Also as the...
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