Frankenstein; Isolation

Topics: Frankenstein, James Whale, Young Frankenstein Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Sam Bolduc
Mrs. Trask
Honors Junior English

Society; the Cause of Isolation

In Frankenstein, the author Mary Shelley portrays the creature created by Dr. Frankenstein as a figure who is rejected from society which causes his isolation, becoming an outsider to the world and everyone around him. The characters which lead to the isolation of this creature are the creature himself, Dr. Frankenstein, and basically everyone else who encounters Frankenstein other than the blind man. The main ideas which surround this novel as a whole include the subjects of prejudice, nature, revenge, family, and society. All of these themes play an important role in the creation of this novel, swaying the characters into doing things they might not originally do, such as create life from the dead or committing murder because of someone else’s actions. Society is very much at blame during nearly this entire novel because they eventually lead to the isolation of another human being, just because of their prejudices. In Frankenstein, the creature is not at fault for his actions and isolation; he only needed to work with what he was given from when he was created. I think that society is fully at fault for any isolation or damage springs from the creature, and everything else which might relate to the creature.

Not only is society at fault for the isolation and actions of the creature, but Victor Frankenstein is especially responsible for all of the damage which occurred because of the creature. From the moment Victor first saw his creation, he was disgusted with what he saw before him. He couldn’t stand the thought that he had basically performed the actions of God that day, but then seeing his creature made him regret everything he ever did. The creature haunted Victor, and even made it into his dreams right after he was created, giving Victor a nightmare which included how he was turning everything into hideous monsters, and in this dream it was Elizabeth who he...
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