Frankenstein Essay

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Kate Stephens
Mrs. Helen Willick
Wednesday, April, 30th
Life Lessons of Victor Frankenstein
Mary Oliver once said that the instructions for living life are to “Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.” This profoundly speaks about life lessons and that they key is to pay attention, learn from them and be astonished and then share our own wisdom to benefit others. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Victor Frankenstein learns many lessons throughout the course of the story. Victor learns three main lessons; that keeping scientific discoveries a secret is dangerous, that being prejudice has consequences, and that the thirst for knowledge and power is not always a good thing. Victor Frankenstein comes across an amazing discovery during his time at school in Ingolstadt; he discovers the secret to life. He chooses however to keep his knowledge and discoveries which forces him to learn a hard lesson; that keeping scientific discoveries a secret is dangerous. He becomes consumed by his schooling and intrigued in life and death. This pushes Victor to begin to experiment into unknown territory, in chapter four Victor says this: “One of the phenomena which had peculiarly attracted my attention was the structure of the human frame, and, indeed, any animal endued with life. Whence, I often asked myself, did the principle of life proceed?… I paused, examining and analyzing all the minutiae of causation, as exemplified in the change from life to death, and death to life, until from the midst of this darkness a sudden light broke in upon me-a light so brilliant and wondrous, yet so simple, that while I became dizzy with the immensity of the prospect which it illustrated, I was surprised that among so many men of genius who had directed their inquiries towards the same science, that I alone should be reserved to discover so astonishing a secret.” (Frankenstein 51) In this section from the novel Victor actually brings a worm back to life, when he...

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