Frankenstein Compare/Contrast

Topics: Frankenstein, Novel, Anxiety Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Maddie Mills
October 19, 2010
Frank. Compare/Contrast
Victor Frankenstein
The novel Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in 1818. This gothic romance novel tells the story of a philosopher who discovered how to create life, without the full knowledge that his actions could cause grave consequences. Universal Studios made the film version of this novel in 1931. Unfortunately, the film version of Frankenstein has more differences than similarities to the novel. In the novel, Victor’s mental obsession seems to be more severe than in the film. The character of Victor Frankenstein was portrayed in both the novel and the film as a veriphobe, or one who is afraid of the truth, in this case, the truth of his actions. He thankfully realizes that the monster he created is horrible and needs to be stopped.

One of the common character traits of Victor in both the novel and the film was his constant trepidation about the monster he created, along with his realization that it must be killed. In the novel, when Victor sees what his monster looks like fully alive, he realizes that what he created looks both horrendous and hideous. He becomes very frightened and flees from the sight of his creation. The monster’s physicality is not described completely in the novel, but it is understood that the monster is terrifying enough to scare Victor away. In another instance, on Victor’s wedding day, Victor spends the whole day in apprehension because of the monster’s threat about Victor’s wedding night. When this becomes true, Victor comes to a turning point in his cowardliness towards the monster. He knows that he has now lost everything that is dear to him, and concentrates the rest of his life attempting to kill the monster he created. This turning point is also apparent in the film.

Like the novel, the monster terrifies Victor’s character in the film. After creating the monster, Victor seems fascinated by it. Then he understands that what he made could be...
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