Frankenstein and His Monster

Topics: Novel, Frankenstein, English-language films Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Mary Shelley writes Frankenstein, a novel who prevails in classic literature, first published in 1818 anonymously, later under her name in 1823. This classic novel tells a story from two different points of views about a scientist who creates a grotesque creature, gives it life and later abandons it. The creature later takes vengeance and kills all of those who are important in his creator’s life. Murder is an act of evil, but would his intentions be considered the same? Victor Frankenstein knew all there was to know about Alchemy, and Alchemy’s first rule is that nothing is entirely free; to create, something must be taken. After taking a new interest in dark sciences, later becoming an obsession, his goal was to create life. He robbed graves, collecting pieces of the human body; features he thought would make a beautiful creature. After hard work and determination, Victor accomplished his goal. Something unexpected happened, after giving his creature life he looked at his creation and suddenly became horrified and couldn’t bear to be in the room. The next morning he completely abandoned his creation after seeing it grin at him from across the room. The monster was rejected as quickly as the second he was first created. Not knowing why his creator had left the room, he quickly followed and waited for him to awake. As soon as his creator awoke, he noticed the monster grinning at him and ran away from the apartment. Frustrated and saddened, the monster left the apartment as well. Everyone he came in sight with was horrified by his appearance and either resorted to violence against him or ran away with fear. The monster’s first victim from hatred towards his creator was William, Victor Frankenstein’s younger brother. Many readers believe for the monster to be exactly that, a monster, not just because of his physique or because it’s one of the ways he is referred to in the novel, but because his first victim was a child. In a different point of view,...
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