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Mary Shelley in the 1800’s wrote an infamous book about a man playing God. This man stole body parts, and with a major thirst for science and knowledge he stitched those parts together, with some chemicals and with a spark, he created life. He had no care or plan as to what would happen next, he was simply infatuated by the idea that his name could live on as the man that could bend nature. His name was Victor and he had no comprehension of the effects this creation would have on himself, his monster, or those around him. This book is none other than the stitched together stories known as Frankenstein.

Victor Frankenstein had an almost unhealthy obsession for science. Even as a child he filled his mind with books of the brilliant of the past. He had a passion for alchemy and knowledge, yet deep down he wanted to make his own call to fame with something extraordinary. Victor finally found his calling driven by a fascination for the secret of life. However, little did he know this creature would change him forever. When Victor first started on his education journey, he was a simple innocent youth. During the era of creation he never saw the son, always spending long daunting hours on his work. He was so sure that this could not possibly go one. In chapter 3 he states his obsession directly while talking with a professor, “Will I achieve, treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the greatest mysteries of creation”. This information Victor was seeking was dangerous. From the moment he laid eyes on his creation when it first received life Victor realized his irreversible mistake. This creation leads Victor to completely cut himself off from the world further. When victor learned of the murder of his brother and the injustice of Justine was caused by his creation he develops an animalistic obsession that completely consumes him. He changed into a man completely disillusioned and...
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