Frankenstein's Monster

Topics: Crime, Sin, Seven deadly sins Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: May 9, 2005
Frankenstein's monster is indeed more sinned against than sinning. The monster was a creation made from what the Romantics would consider a sin; he was created by an overambitious human eager to play God and to give life to what was never meant to be. Because he was never meant to live, the monster was plunged into a world of desolation and misery from the moment he breathed his first. He committed his sins against humanity because he realizes how miserable his life is, and also how he was never meant to live. We can see this when he confronts Robert Walton about the murder of Frankenstein and his motive for his crimes. "But in the detail that he gave you [Frankenstein] could not sum up the hours and months of misery that I endured, wasting in impotent passions. For while I destroyed his hopes, I did not satisfy my own desires. They were for ever ardent and craving; still I desired love and fellowship, and I was still spurned. Was there no injustice in this? Am I thought to be the only criminal when all human kind sinned against me?...I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on. Even now my blood boils at the recollection of this injustice. (529)" This quote shows us that the monster committed his crimes not out of evil or malevolence, but rather because his crimes were committed as revenge for the myriad of injustices done to him, and committed to bring him some degree of closure before he ended his tortured life. We see just how miserable the monster is, and it is very difficult not to feel sympathy towards him. It is in this regard that it is easy to understand how the sin committed against the monster of casting him into a living hell where he was to be forever an outcast for the sake of one man's vanity is a far greater sin than any crime the monster committed.
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