Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin on June 8, 1867. His parents were William Cary Wright and Anna Lloyd-Jones. When Frank was twelve years old, his family settled in Madison, Wisconsin where he attended Madison High School for a few years. During summers Frank spent most of his time on his Uncle James Lloyd Jones' farm in Spring Green, Wisconsin, that’s when he first began to realize his dream of becoming an architect. In 1885, Frank left Madison without finishing high school to work for Allan Conover, the Dean of the University of Wisconsin's Engineering department. While working at the University, Frank spent two semesters studying civil engineering before moving to Chicago in 1887 to work for an architect named Joseph Lyman Silsbee. In Chicago, Frank drafted the construction of his first building, the Lloyd-Jones family chapel. After just one year, Frank went to work for the firm of Adler and Sullivan, working directly under Louis Sullivan. Frank modified Sullivan's saying "Form Follows Function" to his own revised philosophy of "Form and Function Are One." Throughout his life, Frank acknowledged very few influences but credits Sullivan as a primary influence on his career. While working for Sullivan in Chicago, Frank met and fell in love with Catherine Tobin who he later married. Frank and Catherine eventually moved to Oak Park, Illinois where they built a home and raised their six children; which is now known as the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio, which is considered his first architectural masterpiece. In 1893, Louis Sullivan and Frank Wright concluded their business relationship and eventually opened his own firm in Chicago, which he operated for five years before transferring his business to his home in Oak Park, Illinois. In 1909, after 20 years of marriage, Frank suddenly deserted his wife, children and business and moved to Germany with Mamah Borthwick Cheney, the wife of a...

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