Frank Abagnale

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Frank Abagnale, Law enforcement agency Pages: 4 (1775 words) Published: December 12, 2010
In the world, people are meant to work to be efficient in life. One is looked upon to get an education and get the proper job to maintain a certain lifestyle. Not every individual is willing to work hard to maintain that type of lifestyle. While others strive for the best, certain people look for the easy way out. The atypical is for a person to get an education and get a job. The outlier in this given situation would be Frank Abagnale. While others have been handed such opportunities, they refuse to follow that lead. Instead they choose to work the hard way to gain what they desire. Frank abagnale was born on April 27 1948. He was the 3rd out of four kids. He resided in Bronxville, New York for 16 years of his life. Even in Frank’s younger years it was evident that he was a very special boy. He had an I.Q. over 140 and nearly had a photographic memory. Growing up Frank strictly partook in private school. He attended Iona prep from kindergarten through his early years in high school. He was taught by Christian Irish Brothers. Frank Abagnale J.R. was raised in Bronxville. He lived there for 16 years, 14 of which he resided with both his mother and his father. After he turned 14 his parents separated after 22 years of marriage. It wasn’t until he turned 16 that his parents divorced and asked of him to choose which parent he wanted to continue to live with. Frank fled. Not being able to make the choice between his parents he decided he would be better off not making a choice at all. At the age of sixteen frank was living alone in Manhattan. He found a job but it was difficult for him to make ends meet on that little amount of pay. Eventually he came to the decision that he needed to find another job. In order to receive better pay Frank found it necessary to change his date of birth. At last Frank was able to live off the work he was doing on his own. The events that proceeded these times are what made Frank Abagnale J.R. as famous as he is today. (Cite from...
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