Francois Truffaut

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Eugene Simonov

Francois Truffaut

Francois Truffaut was a film critic and director with his directorial career from 1954-1983. He was one of those who developed French New Wave. He derived his filmmaking styles from realism and he used the realistic techniques to film personal stories and stories about human relationships. That is why I decided to write about him. My favorite genres are drama and romance. And his style of films inspires me. I feel that the most significant characteristic of Truffaut films was the way he captured moments. These moments are about male friendship, or about a couple, who are falling love, or about children enjoying a puppet show and playing in the kindergarten. Truffaut himself believed that the beauty of final film lies not in amount of work done on set or the budget and money which spent on it but lies in the connection and beauty of acting achieved between the actors. And most of his scenes brimmed with tender moments of this kind of connections between the key artists.

Francois Truffaut started his career as a film critic, but he always involved not only critic skills but also directing skills. Reading his biography we can see that during the war, he saw many films that made him fall in love with the cinema. He skipped school regularly to see movies—even in the morning, in the small Parisian theaters that opened early. At first, he wasn’t sure whether he’d be a critic or a filmmaker, but he knew it would be something like that. He had thought of writing, actually, and that later on he’d be a novelist. Next he decided that he’d be a film critic. Then he gradually started thinking that he should make movies. We can see that seeing all those films during the war for him it was a sort of apprenticeship. If to watch his movies we can see that Truffaut was not only as a director but he was also as a writer, novelist. And I think it is his big advantage as a filmmaker, because watching his movies, we can see very...
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