Francis Bacon

Topics: Cubism, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, World War II Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: September 13, 2014
Francis Bacon’s work Self Portrait (Francis Bacon, 2014) exemplifies the state of shock and disillusion prevalent in the world after the dreadfully horrendous World War II. His work embodies the threatened way the population felt after World War II was over. Everyone was pessimistic and disoriented, just as the world was out of sorts by the devastation of the war. There was a loss of faith in reaction to the horrors of the war. People were questioning the very nature of humanity and felt as though the world was in a state of despair. Many lost their faith in God that caused them to withdraw from the world and to question the meaning of life. It was at this time that the antihero personality began to lead toward the belief that everything was bad (dystopias), which, in turn, lead to the Existential movement. The distortion of features is evident in Frances Bacons’ work. Bacon painted many unhappy pieces where his sitters were in pain or distress, further exemplifying the post-war art that was mostly ripped from the headlines. Francis Bacons’ work is an iconic study of the tragically wounded humanity common in post World War II. Isolated souls tortured and imprisoned by the dilemmas of society made his work iconic. The world today has an intensified focus on trying to find meaning. Whether we have learned from our mistakes remains to be seen. We continue to fight against one another, and to distort reality. Just as in the painting, everything is a little out of focus, even though the puzzle piece is there we are unsure exactly where it fits.

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I chose to look at Willem De Kooning’s Woman and Bicycle (35.3) because I really didn’t understand it upon first looking at it and it made me curious as to what message the artist was trying to send. The woman in it is fragmented and distorted, as life sometimes is. It seems as...
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