Franchising and Convenience Store

Topics: Franchising, Strategic management, Convenience store Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: August 9, 2011
I. Introduction

Company Background

MINISTOP is a convenience store franchise chain in Japan. It was established in May 1980 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jusco Co., Ltd. with an initial capitalization of 30 million yen. By year July 1980 they open its first store in Okurayama in Yokohama, Japan. MINISTOP's network breaks the 100 store mark with 80 franchised Stores and 20 stores directly managed by year May 1985. The first MINISTOP overseas store opens in Seoul, South Korea by November 1990. And in the year 1998 1,000 MINISTOP stores in full blast operation, 922 franchised stores and 78 stores directly managed. 

By August 2000 Robinsons Retail Group, Mitsubishi Corporation and MINISTOP Co., Ltd. seal Shareholder's Agreement to establish MINISTOP, Philppines. The first MINISTOP store in the Philippines opens at the MRT Central Station, a busy commercial hub.

MINISTOP has always envisioned becoming the leader in the convenience store industry. MINISTOP has made its presence felt by being the community's warmest and friendliest modern combo store. It takes pride in its wide range of quality products, at affordable prices and value-added service. The commitment to a customer-focused management has given MINISTOP a competitive edge not only in Japan but also in the Philippines. MINISTOP has been continuously expanding to service the Filipino consumer needs inside and outside the Metro Manila area.

II. Company Vision/ Mission

MINISTOP is the leader in the convenience store industry, preferred by customers in terms of assortment, price and quality of products and value-added service. 

MINISTOP contributes to the enhancement of communities by providing customers with wide assortment of popular conveniently packaged merchandise and fast food products of high quality at affordable prices through excellent service in a clean, safe and friendly environment. It provides business opportunities by offering attractive franchising...
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