Frances Wright

Topics: Slavery, Frances Wright, 2008 Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: December 17, 2008
Jazlee Ortiz
Ethics, 01
October 20, 2008

Frances “Fanny” Wright
My favorite female philosopher

Frances, aka. Fanny, Wright was born on September 6, 1975 in Dundee, Scotland. She was a Scottish lecturer, writer, freethinker, feminist, abolitionist, and social reformer; also in 1825 she became a United States citizen. Wright had a very wealthy background with her father being a designer of Dundee trade tokens. Unfortunately, both her parents died leaving behind their three children. When Wright was three years old, she was taken to an orphanage but inherited a few figures. In England, where she later was transported to an aunt, is where she began her journeys back and forth to pursue her love for writing, and by adulthood, she had accomplished her first book. (Wikipedia) Wright strongly believed in abolition (which meant the legal prohibition and ending of slavery, esp. of slavery of blacks In the U.S. (Websters) ), universal equality in education, and feminism. It was in 1825 when Wright wanted to make a move in slavery. Not only did she do this, but Wright was the first lady to speak amongst a mixed audience while delivering an Independence Day Speech. One thing that sticks out most along with the other wonderful things Wright has done was she developed the Nashoba Commune. This was the opportunity to try and educate slaves and prepare them for freedom. Unfortunately, this did not last very long due to Wright’s infection to malaria where she then flew back to Europe for treatment. However, Wright was able to fulfill her goal by freeing some thirty slaves and transporting them to Haiti, and that is where the thirty lived happily and free thanks to Frances Wright. On December 13, 1852, Frances Wright died due to complications due to a fall on icy stairs. Frances Wright was an inspirational woman to me and I am thrilled to know she was an activist in her time. Slavery was a tough time then for everyone and still can be in some cases today with...

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