France vs Italy

Topics: French Revolution, Louis XVI of France, Absolute monarchy Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: March 3, 2013

BASIC CORE (Shows competence)| EXPANDED CORE (Shows excellence)| Points| Points|
1) Has an acceptable thesis. Addresses comparisons of the issues and themes specified in the prompt.| 1| Expands beyond the basic core of 1 to 7 points. A student must earn seven points in the basic core area before earning points from the expanded core area below. Has a clear, analytical and comprehensive thesis. Addresses all parts of the question (as relevant): comparisons, chronology, causation, connections, themes, interactions, content. Provides ample historical evidence to substantiate thesis. Shows the ability to relate comparisons to larger global context. Shows similarities and differences amongst groups. Makes direct comparisons consistently between or among societies.| 0-2| 2) Addresses all parts of the question, though not necessarily evenly or thoroughly.Addresses most parts of the question. For example, deals with similarities but not differences.| 2(1)| | | 3) Substantiates the thesis with appropriate evidence.Partially substantiates thesis with appropriate historical evidence.| 2(1)| | | 4) Makes at least two relevant, direct comparisons between or among societies.| 1| | | 5) Analyzes at least two reasons for a similarity or difference identified in a direct comparison.| 1| | | SUBTOTAL| 7| | 2|

GRADES: 9=97, 8=92, 7=87, 6=82, 5=77, 4=72, 3=67, 2=62, 1=57, 0=50|

CC Essay: Revolutions --Italy vs. France

The French revolution emerged in 1789 as a period of rebellion that ended the absolute monarchy of the Ancien Regime. An Italian Revolution occurred on the Italian peninsula in July 1820 in Naples, when the people in the Kingdom of Two Sicilies demanded a constitutional monarchy under previously exiled King Ferdinand II, who refused to grant it, which led to various revolts...
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