Frameworks and Madonna Case Study

Topics: Madonna, New York City, MTV Pages: 8 (2150 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Four frameworks for analysis and case study
Xuyuan Wang
International Business Course
Coventry University

Although during the war year had strong negative impact on a country’ economic, the industries revolution help America rapidly developing itself. As one of the member country in World War II, American is famous in this global war. New York, the capital city of America, this economic and cultural entertainment metropolis provided plentiful opportunities for people to start a major task and seek fortunes. Madonna Louise Ciccone has a not so perfect childhood, Madonna Fortin after gave birth to Madonna, Fortin died of breast cancer when Madonna just 8 years ago in 1973. Before Madonna when to New York, she had majored in drama at University of Michigan. In 1977, Madonna first arrived at New York to pursue dream with only $35. From 1979 to 1982, Madonna used to form rock bank “Emmy” and used own talented to attract JD Mark Kamins’ attention which help Madonna to release the first record. Because of the first record, Madonna‘s career had a great leap forward. Although from 1983 to 1991, Madonna’s development was hampered and was imposed a “boy toy” name, Madonna still released numerous albums, firms and achieved 6 honorable mention. After 1991, Madonna not just to be a successful musician also to running Madonna’s business, which in 2002, Madonna set up Madguy Films with Maverick Records partner. Next year, Madonna keeps going to education industry which launch two children’s book and as a spokesman for GAP.

Frameworks analysis
The frameworks utilized in this thesis to analysis Madonna will first star from macro-analysis (PESTEL framework) then narrow to micro-analysis (Porter Five Force framework). Secondly, through using SWOT to analysis Madonna’s career thus using value chain framework to analysis why Madonna can keep the market share in the high development entertainment industry. On the other hand, this thesis will mention some negative impact form the culture part and ethical problems during Madonna’s course of development.

PESTEL Framework macro-analysis
In 1980s entertainment and media business shows a reasonable increase. American government launches some relative copyright laws to protect people’s intellectual property. (Vogel 2010) Madonna had both positive and negative impact from these polities.

Secondly, the positive impact shows in 1989 Madonna fights for $5 million in the bank from Pepsi Cola because Pepsi Cola appeared a video with is much the same Madonna’s own video. However, in this period, structural limitation on media some are doing purely, some video are not allow to release to the public because of political reason. (Vogel 2010) These leads to some of Madonna’s video were banned by MTV because that video includes homosexuality, nudity, sado-masochism and oral sex.

Thirdly, in environment, 1980s compare with the whole industries in America the employment trend in some industries showed a rise trend, like, communications and media increase 9.4% and entertainment increase 7.4%. (Sassen 2001) This advantageous trend provided numerous job opportunities to all start-ups. Madonna as one of a star-up benefits from the environment fortunately met DJ Mark Kamins and stared beginning Madonna successful career.

Next, in social, according to survey, the largest groups of record buyers in the 1980s were not teenagers but young adults. (Vogel 2010) During 1981, Madonna’s career moved into a new direction. Madonna work on a special image to adopt the teenage girls taste and this new image quickly is imitated on teenager throughout the world.

Fifthly, in technology, a 24-hours network is created and the low-cost videocassette machines gave chance to music video recording to spring up (Vogel 2010). After released first record everybody, Madonna became famous. From 1983 to 1995, this famous singer nearly continues released albums every year to Madonna’s fans and keep...
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