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Fracking (hydraulic fracturing), a simple but revolutionary process, has changed the way of collecting natural resources after the propitious success in 1947. By injecting water, sand, and toxic chemical such as mercury and lead with high pressure into a wellbore, fractures smaller than 1mm will be created and a vast amount of formerly inaccessible hydrocarbon are now available for use and thus brought “U.S. to become one of the world's top three oil producers”(Garder, US Reuters). On the other hand, this seemingly stupendous process with such salient features also bears another side – Hydraulic fracturing gives off numerous environmental risks such as contamination of ground water and surface air that can easily effect the public health. Facing all the advantages and disadvantages, one cannot truly determine the propriety of fracking if one does not fully understand the environmental, economic, legal, and political aspects of fracking. First Body Paragraph (Environmental)

Water quality
The country's push to find clean domestic energy has zeroed in on natural gas and the use of fracking process, but on the aspect of environment, the invention of hydraulic fracturing process rarely has any benefits or advantages, yet the disadvantages and the risks fracking caused to the Mother Nature and the public health are undeniable. In fact, fracking greatly attributes to the contamination of ground water for civilian use. Though the Environmental Protection Agency declared the process of fracking being safe, water contamination has been reported in more than a thousand places where hydraulic fracking was processed. In another extent, gas companies could easily conceal the identities of their chemicals as trade secrets, thus making it difficult to determine the cause of contamination. But if a more analytical view is adapted, it is not easy to realize that methane and other toxic gas leach out from fracking system and making the nearby water wells’ concentration of tetra-carbon hydroxide seventeen times greater than normal or non-harm water. Such damage to the water may not seem as a big, imminent threat, but the pernicious harm to the water will definitely eventuate public health issues and new type of disease, and such nefarious action without any regulation will also most likely lead to civil un-trust toward the government and the society Air quality

Not only water would will be contaminated by fracking, other aspects of nature such as air would also be polluted. Fortunately, Colorado’s Air Control Commission has already begun to require producers to capture ninety-five percent of the methane gas that are leaked out from the pipe. Yet beyond this lone step, United States has only few regulation to prohibit the leaking of methane gas from fracking. Court case

Water contamination, air pollution, and numerous other damages to the environment done by fracking has revealed that the hydraulic fracturing shall be prohibited; in fact, a court case heard by the Wyoming Supreme Court was about this controversy. The case originate in 2010 made Wyoming the first state that requires the companies to disclose the ingredients of the fracking products they use. Furthermore, this case revealed the disadvantage and harm of the seemingly beneficial hydraulic fracturing process.

Second Body Paragraph (Economical)
On the other hand, fracking possesses a great advantage toward the economy, both domestically and internationally. According to an industry report, hydraulic fracturing has achieved the goal of easily extracting vast amount of oil and natural gas, which lifted the U.S. economy by lowering the energy costs for the consumers and the manufactures. This major lifted also helped United States to reduce reliance of energy on Russia and other Middle East countries, thus giving the American economy more control and advantages. Furthermore, according to the Bloomberg News, the energy boom caused by...

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