Fox in Sox

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The Game
Golf is a game played outdoors preferably on a rolling tree lined terrain. A golf course may be either 9 or 18 holes in length with the usual distance measuring from 100 to 500 yards per hole. The golfer begins at the tee, driving the ball along the fairway (attempting to avoid hazards such as woods, water, rough ground, and sand traps), to the green, where the ball is putted into the cup. The purpose is to see how few of strokes it takes to complete the round of golf.

Guide to Club Selection
The club heads vary in slant. The #1 driver is almost flat and parallel to the shaft and the angle of the clubs increase through the #9 iron. The angle gives a different flight to the ball. The longest straightest hit is from the tee. Therefore, the driver with a flat club face is used. As players progress up the fairway a shorter and higher arc is necessary, so a higher number of club is used.

#1 Used to hit long off the tee
#2 Fairway, hit if good lie
#3 Fairway, ball close to ground, tee off on shorter holes
#4 - 7 Fairway, when quick rise and high arc is desired
#1 Off tee, some golfers prefer a driving iron verses a driver #2 185-200 yards
#3 170-185 yards
#4 160-170 yards
#5 150-160 yards
#6 140-150 Yards
#7 130-140 Yards
#8 120-130 yards
#9 Gives short high chip to the green or can be used to shoot over hazards Pitching Wedge - used for short shots for height and accuracy Sand Wedge - used to get ball out of the sand
Putter is used for putting or making the ball roll on the green The Grips
The importance of gripping the club in a comfortable and effective manner cannot be stressed enough. A good grip places the hands comfortably on the club and keeps them there securely throughout the swing so they function as a unit. If you aren’t happy with the feel of the club in your hands or the success of you shots, a grip change might be the answer.


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