Four Types of It Projects

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I. Resources-based Projects
In these projects, the teacher steps out of the traditional role of being an content expert and information provider, and instead lets the students find their own facts and information. Only when necessary for the active learning process does the teacher step in to supply data or information. The general flow of events in resource-based projects are: 1. The teacher determines the topic for the examination of the class. 2.      The teacher presents the problem to the class.

3.      The students find information on the problem/questions. 4.      Students organize their information in response to the problem/questions. Relating to finding information, the central principle is to make the students go beyond the textbook and curriculum materials. Students are also encouraged to go to the library, particularly to the modern extension of the modern library, the internet. The inquiry-based or discovery approach is given importance in resource-based projects. This requires that the students, individually or cooperatively with members of his group, relate gathered information to the ‘real world.’ The process is given more importance than the project product. It doesn’t matter for example if each group comes up with a different answer to the problem. What matters are the varied sources of information, the line of thinking and the ability to agree in defense of their answers. The table below can provide the difference between the traditional and resources-based learning approach to instruction. FIGURE 5 – TRADITIONAL & RESOURCE-BASED LEARNING MODELS Traditional| Resource-based learning model|

Teacher is expert and information provider| Teacher is a guide and facilitator| Textbook is key source of information| Sources are varied(print, video, internet, etc.)| Food on facts information is packaged, in neat parcels| Focus on learning inquiry/ quest/discovery| The product is the be-all and...
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